Welcome everyone.  My name is Linda Beck and I am extremely excited to begin my Inspiring Leaders Series which focuses on how Emotional Intelligence plays a role in developing exceptional leadership skills at all levels:  supervisor, manager, executive team.

Managing our emotions permeates everything we do and throughout this Inspiring Leaders Series, you will learn why Emotional Intelligence is important for success in your careers and life in general.  I am going to share research from numerous sources and perspectives on what makes leaders exceptional and how being aware of your level of emotional intelligence can assist you in becoming the Inspiring Leader you wish to be.

I’d like to start, by sharing a personal experience I had which I believe illustrates the idea of Emotional Intelligence and Inspiring Leaders very well. 

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Tibor Shanto asked me to review the book Emotional Equations by Chip Conley because he knows I have been studying the topic of emotional intelligence (EQ) over the past 10 years and have incorporated the importance of understanding one’s EQ into my corporate training business. The title of Mr. Conley’s book intrigued me. As I read it, I liked the idea of attaching equations to emotions to add meaning and to help manage the hold our emotions can sometimes have on us.  From an EQ perspective, labeling our emotions is the first step in being able to manage them effectively.

Despair = Suffering – Meaning

The above equation is the first one Chip (I’ll use his first name now as we are getting a bit more intimate with his story) uses to illustrate how this equation helped him rise above some extreme hardships he was experiencing in his life.

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The famous Nordstrom’s Department Store in  the US  is  well known for its  Employee Handbook which consists of  a  5  X  8  inch card with content similar to that below:

Welcome to Nordstrom

We’re glad to have you with our Company. Our number one goal is to provide outstanding customer service.

Nordstrom Rules: Rule #1: Use good judgment in all situations. There will  be no additional rules.

Does your organization provide outstanding customer service? If not, perhaps the first place to look is at your employee handbook.  Are your employees empowered to use their innate abilities and instincts to show their leadership and assist your customers to their full potential?

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Leaders who Touch the Heart leave a Legacy

Think for a moment about the leaders who have influenced your life and why.  For me, it was the president of a large chocolate company who visited its Toronto subsidiary to meet with all the District Managers from across Canada of whom I was one at the time.

What struck a lasting chord with me about this gentleman? Was it his long list of academic credentials? Or, the business conquests that he achieved?  Perhaps it was the revenues he amassed while at the helm?  No.  And in fact he chose not to share his resume with us.  Instead, he began the meeting by taking the time to slowly and considerately shake hands with all 50 of the District Managers in the room, asking each person his or her name and warmly welcoming each one of us individually. WOW! What an introduction to a corporate meeting. Clear evidence of emotional intelligence.

But that was just the beginning.

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Training & Orientation Programs are a key part of your organizational strategy

The cost of recruitment and selection of employees is substantial. Once an individual is hired, are you implementing the steps to ensure that your investment is maximized?


Source: Schwind, Canadian HR Management

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Act N O W:  No Opportunity Wasted!

Time Management has become one of the more popular subjects to study.  Numerous books have been written  on  the  topic. Numerous devices exist that profess saving time. But in reality can anyone save time? We are all allotted the same number of hours in a day. Why is it, then, that some individuals, albeit few, seem to utilize their hours efficiently and in a calm and relaxed manner?

One answer may be tied into the martial arts. In business, individuals often overreact to situations. Almost everything is urgent or a crisis in our present work environments. In the martial arts there is an expression… “Mind like Water”. Imagine a pebble thrown into a pond of still water. The water reacts – appropriately … exerting the required energy and then returning to calm. This is known as a state of readiness in Karate, where the mind is open to whatever comes our way.

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