Seminar Series

Customer Service Excellence

5-Day Series

Day 1: The customer always comes first

Participants will enhance their ability to work positively and proactively as customer service professionals by using techniques to assist them in consistently providing superior service.

Goals & Objectives

  • Define service excellence and its importance to the organization
  • Identify who is being serviced and determine their expectations
  • List and explain five key determinants of service quality: reliability, responsiveness, assurance, empathy, and tangibility
  • Create and maintain lasting and creative service relationships

Day 2: Telephone etiquette and effective communication

The person who answers the phone is arguably the most important person in the organization. Participants will learn the importance of a communication plan; develop communication which stimulates a proactive environment for dealing with customers as well as colleagues both over the telephone and in person.

Goals & Objectives

  • Use telephone etiquette to build rapport with customers
  • Illustrate the complexity of communication and the danger of making assumptions
  • Develop a communication plan to prepare for a variety of customer situations

Day 3: Empathetic communication with irate customers

Customer Service professionals will gain greater confidence in their ability to communicate with and assist irate customers. Participants will understand the evolution of emotions individuals experience when major change occurs thus being able to empathize with their customer.

Goals & Objectives

  • Identify, discuss and role-play specific situations related to irate customer interaction
  • Provide tools for participants to constructively and empathetically communicate with distraught customers
  • Engage the CARE philosophy to diffuse hostile customers

Day 4 – Understanding personalities to enhance customer service

Customer Service representatives will have the knowledge and skills to work more collaboratively with others. They will be able to better understand and meet the expectations of the customers with whom they interact.

Goals & Objectives

  • Participants will gain greater insight about themselves as well as their customers
  • Acquire new found knowledge on how to interact more effectively with others to gain commitment and support for their ideas and suggestions
  • Interact effectively with the various personality types

Day 5 – Listening to the customer to enhance revenue: “This is what I can do for you.”

Customer Service representatives will learn to turn objections into opportunities by understanding the sell cycle. They will understand their critical roles in not only maintaining relationships, but also adding revenues through proactive customer service.

Goals & Objectives

  • Identify ways of treating the customer as an appreciating asset
  • Understand the “sell cycle” which should be top of mind while communicating with all customers
  • Identify the 10 principles of active listening to enhance the focus on the customer

Who should attend this 5-day Series?

All staff interacting with internal or external customers.


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