Act N O W:  No Opportunity Wasted!

Time Management has become one of the more popular subjects to study.  Numerous books have been written  on  the  topic. Numerous devices exist that profess saving time. But in reality can anyone save time? We are all allotted the same number of hours in a day. Why is it, then, that some individuals, albeit few, seem to utilize their hours efficiently and in a calm and relaxed manner?

One answer may be tied into the martial arts. In business, individuals often overreact to situations. Almost everything is urgent or a crisis in our present work environments. In the martial arts there is an expression… “Mind like Water”. Imagine a pebble thrown into a pond of still water. The water reacts – appropriately … exerting the required energy and then returning to calm. This is known as a state of readiness in Karate, where the mind is open to whatever comes our way.

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