Training & Orientation Programs are a key part of your organizational strategy

The cost of recruitment and selection of employees is substantial. Once an individual is hired, are you implementing the steps to ensure that your investment is maximized?


Source: Schwind, Canadian HR Management

Part I:  Orientation

Years ago I was hired by a large internationally recognized printing organization.  The selection process included six separate interviews, one with each of the Vice-Presidents from the plants of the various locations.  A recruiting firm was retained for the initial recruiting process so this exercise was clearly a huge expense to the company.  Once hired, I was forgotten.  There was no orientation; there was no office set up; the person to whom I was to report did not know I was officially on board!

The truly sad point to this little anecdote is that my story is not unusual. Organizations spend thousands of dollars on recruitment and selection, and then neglect to ensure the new employees assimilate into their working environment.

So what should be done?

As a first step, the answer is to formalize a comprehensive orientation program as part of the company’s strategic plan. Orientation programs require a budget and must be planned to ensure consistency and value.

What do Orientation Programs do and what are the benefits?

Orientation programs familiarize new employees with their  roles,  with the organization, and with other employees. According to Hermann Schwind, co-author of Canadian HR Management, A Strategic Approach, “orientation,  if properly done, can serve several purposes; it can:

  1. reduce employee turnover
  2. reduce errors and save time
  3. develop clear job and organizational expectations
  4. improve job performance
  5. attain acceptable job performance levels faster
  6. increase organizational stability
  7. reduce employee anxiety
  8. reduce grievances
  9. result in fewer instances of corrective discipline measures”

What is the critical component of successful Orientation Programs?


….Communication on organizational issues

….Communication on employee benefits

….Communication on job duties

….Communication on company personnel

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