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Achieving Results

This training session is designed to be highly interactive and practical. Its intent is to expose participants to a variety of ideas, tools and strategies to optimize their effectiveness in achieving results. Participants will be involved in a number of individual and group activities which will enable them to build on the ideas and feedback of others.

Managers, supervisors, employees, all levels of staff need to focus on clarity, communication, and building an appetite for change because the world’s becoming more complex. The challenge is recognizing, not only, what to do but also the barriers to doing it and discovering ways of overcoming these obstacles to success.

Participants will learn to:

  • utilize time management principles to enhance organizational skills, focus on priorities and manage time effectively
  • build cross-functional relationships by developing effective communication and negotiating skills
  • overcome obstacles and barriers to success through gap analysis
  • creatively solve problems and make sound, timely decisions by utlizing the 6 Decision-Making Tools.

Who should attend?

Management and all levels of staff.

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